Know your farmer; know your food.

The Camarillo Farmers Market is a real farmers market, with a “grow it, raise it, make it or bake it” standard. Know your farmer; know your food. Meet our best farmers, bakers and artisans at the Camarillo Farmers Market and enjoy the very finest in locally-produced goods every Saturday.


We make the Camarillo Farmers market the ultimate spot to find local, sustainable fresh food, flowers and plants in Ventura County. And we do so by having a wide variety of local farms at the market to connect directly to you.

Adaboy Acres


Meet Susan and Daryl from Adaboy Acres. They’ve been selling their oranges, lemons, and avocados (and sometimes pomegranates) at the Farmers Market since 1992. Their ranch is located between Somis and Moorpark. They both say the Camarillo Farmers Market is their favorite. . . and their prices are great.

Acosta Farm, Nursery & Vineyard


It all started with our Dad in the 1930s. He spent his whole life growing table grapes. Our date and older brother started participating in the Farmers Market in the 1980s.

In 2015, my brother and I purchased property to grow unusual flavors — and different shapes — of grapes. We also work with the University of Arkansas and have a nursery to be a cultivar for them. We’ve also picked up grapes from all over the world to grow on our farm. We work with two grape breeders to develop new varieties of table grapes.

Our farm has three major goals — to bring new table grapes varieties, sell plants through our nursery, and showcase the new varieties in the Farmers Market systems.

Alcantar Organics


We are an organic family farm, started by Jose Alcantar in 2012. We grow fresh vegetables on our 45 acre farms located in Buellton and Carpinteria.

Anders’ Acre/Apiary


Meet Dianne Anders from Anders’ Acre. Anders’ bees have been busy in Somis for many years. Dianne, and her late husband, Erich, started beekeeping 50 years ago! Dianne’s honey is usually wildflower — a combination of citrus, raspberry and avocado. The Camarillo Farmers Market is the only source for Dianne’s honey! Depending on the season, she also sells guava, tangerines, dragonfruit, Anders’ apples and a variety of other produce.

Arreola Farms


Alma and her daughter, Alissa, of Arreola Farms have a variety of vegetables from their farm in Somis. Their fresh spinach, arugula, spicy mix lettuce and sweet mix lettuce sells out every Saturday! Be sure to stop by and say hello!

Azteca Farm


Azteca Farms has been a fixture at the market since 2000. Truly local, all their vegetables are grown in Piru. You can find sisters Sylvia and Sophia, along with their mother Irma, at the market every week. You know their vegetables are fresh — they harvest what they sell on Friday. That’s less than 24 hours from field to market!

Cardenas Farm



We bring freshly picked delicious fruit to your community. Our fruit is organically gown and picked on a weekly basis.

Chuy’s Berries


Chuy has grown his berries – blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries – in the Arroyo Grande/Pismo Beach area for 15 years. He also has chickens and he sells their eggs. He uses neem oil, rather than pesticides to repel pests! Stop by and introduce yourself to Chuy!

Cuyama Valley

This week we’re pleased to welcome and feature a new vendor!
Kayla Uh joins us from Cuyama Orchards.
Cuyama Orchards is nestled in the uppermost reaches of the Cuyama Valley in a rugged mountainous corner of Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. Towering peaks and National Forest land surround the orchards.
At 3,300 feet in elevation, Cuyama Orchards enjoy the ideal microclimate for growing sweet, crunchy, juicy apples that are bursting with flavor. The warm days later into the fall, along with cool, crisp nights, allow them to harvest their fruit with full flavor at the peak of ripeness.
Their apple varieties include the classic American Heirloom Crimson Gold, Pink Lady, Nagafu Fuji, Granny Smith, Sundowner, and the quintessential American Heirloom Arkansas Black.

Fue Thao Fresh Produce


Meet the Hmong family from Fresno. Originally from Laos, they provide the delicious Asian vegetables for Fu Thao. Their many vegetables include Chinese squash, lemon cucumbers, tomatoes and Chinese eggplant. If you have a veggie that you can’t find, just ask Fu Thao and they will find it for you. Their vegetables are pesticide free! Stop and introduce yourself to Kabao – she runs her parent’s veggie business!

Halaby & Verni specialize in hand picked cured olives and Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil. Their farms also produce fresh fruit, almonds, walnuts, and dried fruit.

Henry’s Egg Ranch


We have many delicious kinds of eggs with bright orange yolks from our happy, pasture-raised, cage free chickens. We have brown eggs, blue eggs (from our Araucana Chickens), Quail eggs, pickled eggs in a jar & coming soon-duck eggs!

Henry’s Egg Ranch is family run & located in Yucaipa in San Bernardino County.

J&J Farm


J&J Farms focuses on providing the best quality berries and vegetables. They have affordable prices all year long and fresh produce you don’t want to miss out on. Their farm is located just north of Santa Barbara, in Santa Maria. They grow delicious strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. Some of their most popular vegetables are broccoli, cauliflower, beets, and carrots. “Come on over to our stand and check out what we have,” says Paloma Chavez. “Thank you for supporting your local Farmers Market.

Los Padres Orchid Co.


Meet John Oosterveer from Los Padres Orchid Company. Whether you are looking to add some colorful blossoms to your garden, bring life to your home or a sweet potted gift for a loved one or friend, Los Padres Orchid Company is your one-stop spot! They have incredible quality and endless selection, not to mention it is a locally-owned business! John raises all the plants he sells. His friendly and helpful service is one of the reasons this Farmers Market favorite stands out.

Maria’s Citrus


Louie Viscuna named his citrus stand after his wife, Maria. Truly local, Louie grows four kinds of avocados on his property in Camarillo. He also sells lemons and other citrus. You can only find Louie’s products at the Camarillo Farmers Market! Be sure to stop by and say hello.

Mulberry Lane Farm


Mulberry Lane Farm in Somis — a little corner of heaven on earth where tropical and rare fruit trees from all over the world bloom and grow and bring delight to every sense we have! Ron and Karen Meier live on the six-acre mountainside farm along with two of their sons, Steve and Tom, both of whom are “differently-abled” having Down syndrome. Everyday you’ll see Steve, Tom and Karen in their overalls tending the 12 raised vegetable garden beds or picking apples, oranges, beets or drilling holes in the compost tubs or saving seeds or planting kidney beans or pruning the pomegranate and persimmon trees and so many other amazing things — Like taking a break under the mulberry tree by the la

Myriad Flowers

Ana is the face of Myriad at the Farmers Market. She’s at the market every week with her daughter. Be sure to stop by and say hello! Myriad Flowers is owned and operated by Harry & Michele Van Wingerden. They specialize in hydroponic roses, Pompon chrysanthemums and a wide variety of field cut flowers. All their flowers are grown in the Carpinteria Valley. The selection changes with the season, so be sure to stop by often to see what is available.

Ojai Microgreens

Ojai Microgreens is a small, family-run organic style operation focused on providing customers with nutritious and locally-grown microgreens. Their goal is to educate consumers about the nutritional values of their microgreens and how they can be incorporated into your everyday meals. Ojai Microgreens grows more than 20 different sprouts and microgreens for customers who want to add live “superfoods” to their diet.

Rodriguez Family Farms


Rodriguez Family Farms has been in the strawberry business since 1980. The business was started by two brothers — Reynaldo and Jose A. Rodriguez. They grow three types of strawberries (San Andres, Albion, Frontera) in Oxnard. They only grow strawberries on their 17-acre farm. They grow their strawberries year-round and attend over 15 Farmers Markets in Ventura, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles Counties. Stop by and say hello to Jose (Tony) and he will share more of his experience growing strawberries.

Somers Ranches


Somers Ranches has been growing citrus and avocados since 1965. We are pleased to join the Camarillo Farmers Market to bring you the best and locally grown Pixie Tangerines. Our fruits are freshly picked the evening before. Please stop by—we are located directly across from the Market Manager’s tent—we promise you will love our fruits.

We have two locations for you to visit — one in Somis and one in Moorpark. We are also at many Farmers Markets throughout Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. Birthday parties at the Farm, Pick-Your-Own Produce, educational School Tours, Speciality Gifts & Products, Fruit & Vegetable Gift Baskets — not to mention our Springtime Easter and Fall Harvest Festivals — are just some of the things that make us who we are.

We bring freshly picked delicious fruit to your community. Our fruit is organically gown and picked on a weekly basis.