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ReadersChoice2014Over the years, the Camarillo Certified Farmers Market
has become a community meeting place where friends, neighbors and strangers shop, socialize and celebrate
"the Good Life" and our agricultural heritage. The Market
is managed and run by Camarillo Hospice volunteers, and a percentage of all gross sales directly benefits Camarillo Hospice.

WhycertifiedCalifornia Certified Farmers’ Markets (CFM) are “the real thing,” places where farmers sell their own crops directly to the public. Before a farmer can sell his or her crop(s) at a “Certified” Farmers’ Market, the County Agricultural Commissioner inspects the farm to make sure the farmer is in fact growing the crop he or she is selling. The direct marketing of agricultural products through CFMs eliminates packing, shipping and third-party handling and ensures that consumers are purchasing safe, nutritious, vine- and tree-ripened fruit and vegetables grown in California and certified by the State.

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March 25—John Stanewich
April 1—Bill Carter
April 8—Warren Takahashi
April 15—Music by Carmine
April 22—Dog Fish Jazz Band
April 29—Jessie Davis & Daniel Navarro
May 6—Bill Carter
May 13—Dog Fish Jazz Band
May 20—Music by Carmine


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